Three Phase Quality Control Process

Timely ~Thorough ~ Professional ~ No Surprises

1. Pre-Visit Process

  • AM Best Hazard Review
  • Website/Facebook/Yelp Review
  • Underwriter’s Instructions

Notes: Review Losses, Class Codes and all services on insured’s website.

2. Onsite Assessment Process & Photos

  • Make a connection with Owner/Contact
  • Thorough walk-thru and quiet discussion time with owner.
  • Post-mortem: Desk space for comprehensive review of Risk Assessment Questions & Answers. Double check all work.

Notes: Focus on Class Code verification, losses in relationship to Class Code assignments. Management attitude – The “CARE” factor.

C oncern for employees: “Return to Work” as important risk indicator

A ttitude toward safety

R esistance to Risk Assessment recommendations

E mployee turnover – “signs of trouble”

3. Post-Visit Process

  • Report written SAME DAY
  • Make a difference – Content / Quality
  • Grammar, spelling, product complete within 24 hours.

Notes: Pictures of all physical recommendations.